Breddas is committed to preventing money-laundering and terrorism financing in its business practice and transactions. This entails implementing a KYC procedure on all of our platforms to allow us to identify the players and organizations we deal with and their legitimacy.

We developed a KYC Policy form from which we collect relevant information to identify the risk of possible money laundering. Breddas commits to:

  •  Establish the identity of our players
  • Check if the player is listed in the ‘excluded persons’ list
  • Understand the nature and legitimacy of all our transactions
  • Maintain KYC records for at least five (5) years
  • Monitor all transactions for unusual activities which is considered high-risk

Breddas reserves the right to void transactions and close a player’s account if we notice unusual transactions and activities. In this event, the balance left on his account will be returned to him.